What Happens Before the Play

Setting:  The city of Thebes

Time:  Present Day

After a long, brutal war, peace has returned to the victorious City of Thebes.  The students of Sophocles International School have not been unaffected by the war.  All have lost someone--brothers, sisters, parents, cousins--and the city mourns.

Antigone Aritza and her sister, Ismene, grieve the loss of their two brothers, Eteocles (Teo) and Polyneices (Nick).  Both were leaders in the army; both fought bravely for their city.  But in the end,  Polyneices was accused of treachery and executed under military justice.  Theo died days later in battle, defending his city.

It is a long tradition at SIS to honor those who fell in battle, so the school prepares for the ceremony, led by Creon Esposito;  formerly head of the History Department,  he was recently promoted to Director of SIS.  Antigone, as President of the Student Council, will join him in honoring the dead.

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